President of the Northern Virginia Council

A Message from the PResident


We are a CO-OPERATIVE OF THE CORPORATE AND THE CARING.  Our Goal - to continue education and support of the issues which are important to ALL who have interest in our Sea Services—exemplifying the value of a strong Navy as advocated by President Theodore Roosevelt. The Navy League describes itself as "a civilian organization dedicated to the education of our citizens, including our elected officials, and the support of the men and women of the sea services and their families."  The Navy League frequently holds events that provide opportunity for NLUS members and corporate sponsors to have face-to-face interaction with senior leaders of the Sea Services.  We also enable our retired military members to keep abreast of legislative and military matters which affect their individual services. This format provides contact with the branch of service of a loved one, or just the opportunity to be involved with a service that has moved into the 21st century with pride and a clear understanding of its role and mission.


We are proud of our mixture of community and corporate affiliate members, retired military, family members and other sea supporters. We are committed to providing a broad spectrum of activities for ALL our members and doing so in an affordable manner. We pride ourselves in providing support for the enlisted men and women who are members of our adopted units.


The Northern Virginia Council has a cadre of regular attendees at our meetings, and we provide awards and monetary support to several adopted ships and units. See the list to the left of this message. As part of our support of the Sea Cadet Program we sponsor an annual John Camp Memorial Scholarship to a selected Sea Cadet.


If you have an interest in the Sea Services, membership, public affairs, youth, or other Council activities, please let us know. We cherish our long-time associates and are always looking for new blood to keep the Council growing better and better!   We value your participation! 


Roger Camp, President


Council Officers and Contact

2019-2020 Officers


Dr. Ginger Haskell


Herb Carmen

Vice President

Sinclair Harris

VP, Legislative Affairs 

Nick Koreisha

VP, Maritime Affairs 

Jon Kaskin 


William Barker

Judge Advocate 

Budd Haemer 


Andrew Mickley 


Chuck Davis

Chip Doering

Bill Erickson

Pierce Johnson

Eugene Godwin

Stew Reuter

Duane Wills

Rachel Wills


NOVA Council Past Presidents

Chartered 26 February 1983


Roger Camp 2017-2018

Eugene Godwin 2015-2016

Michael Schlitzer 2012-2014   

Darren Cubell  2011 

Robert Haemer  2009-2010 

John Camp  2007-2008 

Nancy Gorell  2005-2006 

Stew Reuter  2003-2004 

Jim Offutt  2002 (acting) 

Suzy Williams  1999-2001 

Jim Offutt  1997-1998 

Suzy Williams  1993-1996

John Alter  1992

Vicki Seal  1990-1991

Stew Reuter  1988-1989

Jerry Rapkin  1986-1987

Bill Kastner  1985

Janice Delaney  1984

Sam Gravely  26 Feb 1983